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Non-life insurance sees rosy first-half performance

The non-life insurance segment recaptured momentum, reaching double-digit growth in premium revenue in the first half of this year.

Vietnam among Asia’s most dynamic start-up scenes: Report

E-commerce accounts for less than 5% of retail in Vietnam, meanwhile, it is one-third in China. That means the country's growth potential is huge.

COVID-19-induced uncertainty affects bond markets

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to drag on local currency bond markets in emerging East Asia, including Vietnam, as investment sentiment globally and in the region wane and containment measures limit economic activity.

GDP growth of 3.82 percent in Q1 is a miracle: official

Vietnam’s GDP growth rate of 3.82 percent in the first quarter of 2020, a record low since 2011, is still a miracle amidst a global economic recession, an official has said.

Retail sales in Vietnam hit four-year high

Retail sales of goods and services in Vietnam reached VND4.94 quadrillion (US$214.8 billion) in 2019, representing a rise of 11.8 percent over the previous year, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).

Aviation market levelling off after hot development period

Businesses say that the air transportation market is becoming saturated and growth has slowed down. The era when air carriers obtained growth with an increased number of passengers appears to be over.

Current policies drive people to civil service: economist

Vietnam has 30.5 civil servants for every 1,000 people, a high proportion compared with other regional countries such as Indonesia (17.64), the Philippines (13.02) and Singapore (25.69).

Seaport industry’s growth rate twice as much as global rate

VietNamNet Bridge - The high number of imports of input materials and exports of finished products by foreign invested enterprises (FIEs) has led to an increased growth rate for the seafood industry. 

“Phieu asked a lot of questions about measures to prevent the state’s secret exposure”

“When seeing us to the entrance gate, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai said: 'Truc, please try to control the internet network wellor we will not be able to explain to the world if we open the internet and then have to close it,"Truc recalled.

“You will be guilty to people if you hinder the country’s development”

"If we had not opened the market to create a telecommunication and internet competitive market, we would have found it difficult to sign BTA and WTO, i.e hindering the country’s development and integration," said Mai Liem Truc.

Blocked by hurdles and pressured by the embargo

VietNamNet Bridge - It was a brilliant period in the post & telecommunication development history with enthusiastic leaders who had spirit of commitment, and who dared to reform, take responsibility and throw themselves in difficulties.

Who is the most profitable beer maker in Vietnam?

Sabeco and Habeco, the two largest Vietnamese breweries, made VND5.3 trillion in pretax profit in 2014. However, the figure was still far below that earned by VBL, the distributor of Heineken, Tiger and Biere-Larue.

Ha Noi growth slows as purchases decline

Consumer price index (CPI) in the capital city witnessed a light surge while its industrial index registered a sharp increase this October, based on figures from its statistics offic

Vietnam’s growth rate could fall behind Laos, Cambodia: experts

VietNamNet Bridge – Economists have warned that Vietnam could fall into the middle-income trap, and it is predicted that within several years it could even fall behind Laos and Cambodia in economic growth.

Vietnam’s No. 1 e-commerce brand to be dethroned?

VietNamNet Bridge – Lazada, the only foreign major player in the e-commerce market, has ambitions to dislodge Vietnamese ChoDienTu from its No 1 position.

Vietnamese told to prepare for low GDP growth rate this year

 VietNamNet Bridge – While the government has stated that it does not intend to lower economic growth targets, economists have warned that the public should be prepared for an unsatisfactory economic performance in 2014.


 Slower growth in manufacturing sector; Strict control on gas prices; Hanoi’s efforts to iron out snags for businesses; An Giang to ship main products to Netherlands; Vietnam’s rice export price surpasses Thailand

Vietnam warned it gets stuck in the low-growth trap

 VietNamNet Bridge – While the global economies have warmed up, Vietnam still has been bogging down in its big difficulties.


 Premium growth slumps in first half; Businesses receive support for US market expansion; Vietnam's US trade surplus hits new heights; Mitsui eyes IT parks in Da Nang city

The moves to be taken by Viettel when playing pay-TV games

Viettel, one of the three biggest telecom groups in Vietnam, holds for certain the “admission ticket” to the pay-TV market. What will it do to compete with the existing experienced content service providers?