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Social network users respond enthusiastically to anti-fake news campaign

Hundreds of entries and hundreds of millions of views on social platforms have been reported, which indicates support brought by the ‘Tin’ (News) campaign to the community.

Social media must authenticate users’ accounts: decree

The requirement for social network users’ account authentication has been applied in many countries. The authentication can be done via a real name, ID, or phone number.

Posting children’s images on social media, parents violate children’s rights

Many parents are not fully aware of their children’s rights and are unaware of the dangers of posting photos and personal information about their children.

Only licensed social networks will be allowed to livestream

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has added provisions to the draft of new decree in an effort to more strictly control livestream activities and protect Vietnamese social network users.

Social websites expose businesses' information, harming reputations

The Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) on June 19 sent a document to the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information (ABEI) about 13 social networks or websites that have posted unverified information about businesses.

How do social networks influence people?

Posts, likes, comments and interaction time on social networks are all collected by platforms as data for analysis. This can be used to control users’ emotions and behaviors.

MIC to inspect users' data protection at social networks, digital platforms

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) is planning to inspect the protection of personal data with focus on units collecting and processing large volumes of information such as social networks and multi-user digital platforms.

Zalo remains Vietnam’s most-used messaging app

In terms of usage rate in Vietnam, Zalo surpasses its global competitor Facebook.

Joggers need better online social network

Despite encouraging achievements, development of a domestic social network for Vietnamese joggers has been below expectations.

Facebook collects money from partners to pay tax in Vietnam

The amount of money Facebook is planning to collect from Vietnamese partners accounts for 5 percent of invoice value. The money will be used to fulfill tax obligations.

Facebook to register, declare and pay foreign contractor tax in Vietnam

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, on the occasion of the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the National Innovation Center (NIC), made the tax payment commitment.

Is Facebook fading in popularity?

A colleague of mine was surprised when his 17-year-old son, who is quiet on Facebook, is a "hot TikToker" with videos viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.


Old-fashioned Facebook and the future of new social networks

Domestic social networks would promote the strengths of their specialized foundation to develop niche markets and build specialized social networks, combined with mobile payments to create an digital ecosystem of Vietnam.

Vietnam sets new regulations, tightens advertising on Facebook, YouTube

From September 15, cross-border platforms such as Facebook and Google will have to remove ads in violation of regulations within 24 hours after receiving a notice from the Ministry of Communications and Information.


Young woman becomes first YouTuber of Dao ethnic minority hamlet

As a farmer who could not speak Vietnamese and didn't know information technology, Tang Lien succeeded becoming a famous YouTuber with three channels, attracting foreign and Vietnamese subscribers.


Newspapers and social media: cooperation or confrontation?

VietNamNet spoke with Nguyen Ngoc Chu, a respected mathematician, who is a well-known Facebooker whose posts on his page attract at least 1,000 likes each.

Social media corrupting our behavior: official (Part 2)

The utility of social networks is depraving the behavior of many people. Be wary of negative effects from the ‘virtual’ world, said Nguyen Thanh Lam, Director of the Authority of Press under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC).

The victims of livestreams

Imagine that you or your children become the victim of public denouncements when your information is exposed to the public. What would you do?

Joining forces to clean up cyberspace

Many livestreams, where ‘social network gangsters’ feel free to curse and insult others, have been organized online, attracting thousands of likes.

Vietnamese smartphone usage spent mostly on Facebook

In 2020, Vietnamese spent 25% of their time on smartphones surfing Facebook and 12% of their time watching YouTube.