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Vietnam should take stronger measures related to origin of goods and products to avoid risks of lawsuits or being taken advantage of by other countries to evade US import tariffs.

Vietnam told to prepare for new foreign investment wave

Vietnam will have to compete with many rivals to attract foreign investors who are considering relocating their production bases out of China.

Vietnam faces fierce competition to attract capital flight from China

With its early success in containing the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is having a jump-start among potential investment destinations in attracting a new wave of FDI.

Vietnam endeavors to combat trade fraud

The government of Vietnam’s effort to combat trade fraud has been highly appreciated by trade partners as Vietnam’s exports to important markets continue to be welcomed.

Vietnam - ideal shelter for foreign investors amid US-China trade war

Vietnam is a good destination for foreign investors as they relocate production bases out of China to reduce operation costs.

Vietnam prepares for bad news from Middle East tensions

Economists say the US-Iran tentions have had a mild impact on Vietnam, but the country needs to prepare for worse to come if tensions escalate.

US-Iran conflict and its impact on Vietnam

The tensions between the US and Iran are feared to create uncertainties which could influence Vietnam’s economy, experts say.

World Bank maintains Vietnam’s GDP growth forecast at 6.5% in 2020

In 2020, the country’s domestic demand is set to benefit from generally supportive financial conditions amid low inflation and robust capital flows.

VN textile and garment industry may fail to reach $40 billion target

The target of exporting $40 billion worth of textiles and garments this year may be unattainable.

VN woodwork exports face new regulation on customs inspection

The new regulation on certificate of origin (C/O) makes it more for Vietnam to obtain $11 billion in woodwork exports this year as planned.

Vietnam tightens supervision on foreign investment to prevent origin frauds

A number of foreign-invested firms have falsely labeled their products as originating from Vietnam to avoid trade safeguard instruments amid the US-China trade war.

What does a $9 billion trade surplus mean for Vietnam?

The $9 billion trade surplus helps improve the foreign currency supply and consolidate the current account, but the amount is not entirely praiseworthy in the context of trade war.

Vietnam needs ‘FDI filter’ for woodwork industry

The US-China trade war has led toChinese wooden furniture manufacturers moving production to Vietnam, bringing risks to the domestic woodwork industry.

US pours money into gas industry in Vietnam

The current reserves of gas fields in Vietnam are estimated at 700 billion cubic meters, an amount that can be exploited for 40-50 years.

China investment in Vietnam surges amid trade war

FDI commitments in the January – November period totaled US$31.8 billion, up 3.1% year-on-year.

China makes up nearly 40% of Vietnam’s steel imports despite tighter trade measures

The neighboring country remained Vietnam’s leading supplier of steel over the last three years, with the quantity and value growing at two-digit growth rates annually.

FIEs still dominate Vietnam’s exports

Vietnam’s import and export value has exceeded $400 billion and is moving towards the $500 billion threshold. 

Vietnam Jan-Oct trade deficit with China hits record high of US$29 billion

The US-China trade war may be behind such a record figure.

Vietnam’s role in reshaping Asian supply chains is growing: HSBC

While the recent trade tensions have merely accelerated the movement of supply chains to Vietnam, they were not the trigger.

Vietnam export growth brings risk of charge of currency manipulation

Increasing exports to the US, Vietnam is a step closer to the risk of alleged monetary manipulation as US President Trump tries to reach a trade agreement with China at a negotiation round this October.