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MOET has said that the ministry ‘won’t let it go’, but will “join hands with education establishments to fix existing problems and overcome difficulties to deploy the new educational method VNEN. 

Vietnam seeks to attract well-off Chinese travelers

With 135 million people traveling abroad last year, Chinese are being welcomed by many destinations all over the world, including HCMC.

HCM City continues VNEN, other provinces reject teaching model

The argument about whether to continue the VNEN teaching model has resurfaced after the World Bank released a report, affirming the great advantages of the model, and HCMC’s decision to continue the model at local schools.

HCM City urged to build ports for cruise ships

VietNamNet Bridge - Many cruise ships want to enter HCMC but they have to dock at other localities because of the lack of harbors.

Will HCM City build dykes similar to those used in the Netherlands?

VietNamNet Bridge - With increased land subsidence, HCM City needs to build dykes like the ones used in the Netherlands to prevent tides and floods, experts have urged.

HCM City spends big money to dredge 15 polluted canals

The HCMC flood control center plans to dredge and clear 15 canals in districts 8, Binh Chanh and Hoc Mon to mitigate pollution. Estimated cost is VND200 billion with total length of ditches and canals 64 kilometers.

Hydropower plants in danger as water capacity reaches high levels

VietNamNet Bridge - Irrigation works and hydropower reservoirs are at risk of damage as the storm season has begun.

Landslides in HCMC: 40 ‘black spots’ still exist

VietNamNet Bridge - HCMC residents in many areas now live in fear as landslides may occur at any time, depriving them of their homes and assets.

Developing medical tourism: better late than never

VietNamNet Bridge - Medical tourism can bring huge incomes to countries, but it has not been properly exploited in Vietnam.

HCMC: Cars banned from roads to make way for underground cable work

Cars will be banned from selected roads in downtown HCM City to ensure relocation of Nha Be – Tao Dan underground cable systems that cross Ben Nghe Canal.

HCM City still struggling with flooding, limited funds for programs

VietNamNet Bridge - The number of residential quarters and real estate projects has been increasing rapidly, but water drainage systems and sluices have not expanded to meet demand.

HCM City vows to reduce waste landfill, replace with recycling

VietNamNet Bridge - Sorting waste at the source and recycling are two of the solutions being implemented in HCMC to control issues posed by garbage dumping.

Legal loopholes weaken management of air pollution

Despite great efforts to control air quality, air pollution is still high. Many experts blame legal loopholes and weak enforcement for the problem. 

Chinese step up acquisition of property in Vietnam

The Chinese are considered ‘quiet investors’ compared with Singaporean, South Korean and Japanese, but there are signs they have been stepping up the takeover of Vietnamese properties.

Air pollution challenges Vietnam’s socio-economic development

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists have repeatedly warned about declining air quality. However, settling the problem is difficult despite an existing legal framework.

Mercury crosses border gates, affecting environment

VietNamNet Bridge - Acid deposition and photochemical smog have appeared in recent years, mostly in summer months when the weather is dry and hot, especially in large urban areas such as Hanoi and HCMC.


 HCMC Enterprise Products Week attracts 100 firms, HCMC, Jetstar clinch tourism promotion deal, No-bid contracts banned for North-South Expressway project, New trade centre opens in Ha Noi     

It’s time to have a law on controlling air pollution: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - Air pollution is getting more serious in large urban areas, with pollution in the north more serious than the south. 

‘One curriculum, many sets of textbooks’ program: will it occur?

The idea of ‘one curriculum, many sets of textbooks’, which was praised as encouraging creativity and renovation, is part of a draft curriculum for general education the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has opened for public opinion.

Healthcare sector attracts more investments

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has been witnessing a new wave of investments in hospitals since 2015 after the government called for different sources of funding in the healthcare sector.