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If Vietnam is not determined to reform, it will be a lower average income country forever, writes Vu Tien Loc, chair of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) for ‘For a Powerful Vietnam’, a forum initiated by VietNamNet.

Economists doubt Vietnam will have 1 million businesses by 2020

VietNamNet Bridge - While government officials believe that the goal of developing 1 million businesses by 2020 is within reach, economists disagree.

Vietnam surpasses China in FDI prospects

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors receive significant investment incentives in Vietnam and have the same rights as Vietnamese investors.

Goal of 1 million businesses may be unattainable: economics committee

The National Assembly’s economics committee warned that the target of developing 1 million businesses by 2020 may be unattainable, especially as barriers hindering businesses still exist and the number of dissolved businesses is on the rise.

Vietnam urged to mobilize $60 billion from the public

At the Vietnam Economic Forum held some days ago, experts from the World Bank said that $60 billion hoarded by the public could be a huge capital resource for the country’s development.

Should Vietnam accept small foreign-invested projects?

VietNamNet Bridge - Foreign investors registered 527 projects from the beginning of the year to July 15, with total capital of $498 million, according to the HCMC Planning & Investment. 

VN businesses need to learn how to deal with anti-dumping lawsuits: experts

Vietnam’s products overseas, especially in the US, have been facing more anti-dumping lawsuits in recent years. 

Vietnam firms should prepare themselves amidst trade war

Domestic businesses should closely monitor the market situation, prepare to adjust their operations and redefine export markets to avoid negative impacts and capitalise on opportunities from the US-China trade war.

VN petroleum market may be captured by big importers: experts

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerrce & Industry and experts have warned that minimum limits on petroleum imports to be allocated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade may kill small businesses.

Wooden furniture manufacturers fear material shortages

VietNamNet Bridge - Though exports have been growing well, concern still exists because wooden furniture industry is in need of materials.

Trade surplus: Joy and anxiety

The General Statistics Office (GSO) has announced there was an excess of exports over imports of $2.8 billion in the first 11 months of the year. 

PM meets corporate executives on sidelines of VBS

 VietNamNet Bridge – Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc hosted separate receptions in the central city of Da Nang on November 7 for corporate executives from the US, China and multinational corporations

Improving competitiveness: narrowing the gap between policy and implementation

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam’s business environment and competitiveness have continued to move up in international rankings.

Hanoi, HCM City copy Dong Thap’s ‘businessmen café’ model

On August 24, a new ‘Businessmen’s Café’ opened in the northern province of Quang Ninh. Such special cafes have opened in many cities and provinces throughout the country, acting as a rendezvous point for local authorities and businesspeople.

Businesses have to contend with a “forest” of sublicenses

VietNamnet Bridge - Despite reform, thousands of sub-licenses still exist, affecting businesses’ performance.

How much money is transferred abroad?

VietNamNet Bridge - The US NAR (national association of realtors) reports that Vietnamese transferred $3 billion abroad last year to buy houses in the US. 

50 “hidden” dollar millionaires in Vietnam fear the public eye

VietNamNet Bridge - The majority of young millionaires want to stay hidden for fear they may meet problems if they become famous. 

Private sector struggling to grow

VietNamNet Bridge - Why can’t the private economic sector grow more quickly, even though more policies and resolutions on developing private businesses have been created recently? 

Under-the-table fees block Vietnam enterprises’ way

If embezzlement continues, breakthrough reforms initiated by local authorities will not bring the desired effects, Dang Dinh Dao from the Institute for Economics & Development Studies has said.

Administrative procedures stifle business growth

VietNamNet Bridge - The bigger that businesses get, the more administrative procedures they must follow, which often stifles growth and the desire to expand.