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Vietnamese automobile manufacturers are cherishing the dream of entering the world market.

Prices plummet, factories halt operation, auto market hit hard by Covid-19

Despite sharp price cuts of hundreds of million of dong, cars still cannot find buyers. The automobile market is predicted to see a minus 15 percent growth rate this year.

Vietnam’s car market cools on Covid-19

The domestic car market is gloomy as people are not making purchases despite the sharp price falls.

Will used luxury cars be offered at reasonable prices in Vietnam?

With preferential tariffs beginning in 2020, used luxury cars from CPTPP-member countries will be available in Vietnam.

What will Vinfast do if GM stops making Chevrolets in Thailand?

The US-based General Motors (GM) has stated it will stop selling Chevrolets this year and shut down its factory in Thailand from which Chevrolets are exported to Vietnam.

Automobile industry stimulus policies proposed

The luxury tax rate on electric automobiles and the added value created in Vietnam in automobile manufacturing and assembling may be cut to zero percent to encourage the development of supporting industries.

Will Vietnam export cars to the EU?

Thailand fears that automobile manufacturers will relocate their production bases to Vietnam to enjoy the preferential tariff when exporting cars to the EU.

Car market in 2020 remains an unknown

The government will soon issue the legal document amending Decree 116 on the conditions for manufacturing, assembling, and importing cars, and providing car maintenance services.

New policies to cause big changes to vehicle market in 2020

Cars will have to re-test their emissions and teaching driving will be tightened. In addition, car imports from the EU will bear lower tariffs.

Car sales in Vietnam up 12% y/y in 2019

The year of 2019 was a difficult period for Vietnam’s auto market, but also marked positive performances of most local car producers.

Vietnam’s auto market sees price cuts in 2019 as competition heats up

2019 witnessed a fierce race among manufacturers and distributors to reduce prices to attract more buyers.

Vietnam car market still sluggish in year-end sale season

Despite sale promotion campaigns launched by manufacturers, the car market remained gloomy in the last months of the year.

Cheap Thai cars land in Vietnam, Chinese imports stop suddenly

Cars from Thailand led the market in the first 10 months of 2019, while fewer Chinese products have been imported because of the controversy about China's map with nine dash line.

Will Chinese cars flood the Vietnam market?

Car dealers have halted the import of Chinese cars but are expected to resume early next year.

Car imports flood Vietnam, domestically assembled cars under pressure

Vietnam’s automobile industry not only has to compete with veterans Thailand and Indonesia, but also with new manufacturers in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Will Vietnam’s automobiles have to compete with cars from Laos and Cambodia?

Experts believe that in the immediate time, Laos and Cambodia will not be rivals on the same par with Vietnam.

Vietnamese automobile manufacturers focus on importing cars, neglect production

In the first half of the year, the number of cars imported to Vietnam increased by 500 percent, while some models saw a sharp increase of 650 percent compared with the same period last year.

Vietnam’s $20 billion automobile market at risk of decline

If supporting industries cannot develop and automobile joint ventures continue importing car parts for assembly, Vietnam’s automobile industry will not survive after 2025, analysts say.

Limited car output hinders development of Vietnam's support industries

CBU (complete built unit) imports have been flooding the Vietnamese market while domestic factories have cut output, raising concerns among car part manufacturers that they may lose jobs.

Automobile sales in Vietnam can set new record in 2019

Vietnam's automobile market is expected to set a new sales record this year with sales of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturer Association (VAMA) members and TC Motors averaging nearly 32,000 cars each month in January-September.