Basel II

Update news Basel II

According to former deputy director of the Banking Strategy Institute Pham Xuan Hoe, while demand for capital is very high, the credit growth limit has been controlled too strictly, which has put a brake on the economic recovery process.

Vietnam banks plan long-term development

Banks have reported satisfactory business results for 2020 and are projecting ambitious plans for 2021.

Vietnam's ‘big four’ banks raise charter capital to meet standards

Increasing chartered capital is the most important task for the four state-owned commercial banks. If their CARs are lower than Basel II standards, they will have to restrict lending.

Vietnam's credit institutions must speed up restructuring to meet deadline

Some credit institutions (CIs) that have not yet completed their restructuring roadmap will have to speed up the process to meet the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s deadline this year.


Vietnamese banks warned about capital shortage risk

Overdue debts, which are increasing rapidly during Covid-19, will adversely affect business results and capital growth capability of many commercial banks in Vietnam.

VN banks lower business targets amid COVID-19 crisis

Many banks have adjusted business plans and set lower business targets as businesses, or bank clients, have been hit hard by Covid-19.

Which bank is the champion in CASA race?

The race to increase the CASA portion among commercial banks has become fierce.

Banks face bad debt risks amid pandemic

After two years of strong recovery and high growth, the banking sector is facing major challenges because of Covid-19.

Vietnam’s banks to be very busy in 2020: analysts

The banks will have to complete the transitional period to meet Basel II standards and begin the race for Basel III, and will also have to list shares and compete fiercely in the digital transformation process.

With new barrier, real estate credit expected to flow more slowly

With Circular 22, which took effect on January 1, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has laid a new block to restrict capital flow to the property sector.

Huge capital flows into private sector

The reliance of private enterprises, business households and individuals on bank credit has brought both positive and negative effects.

Only one bank entered bourse in 2019

Eighteen commercial banks are listed on the bourse, but only one bank entered the bourse in 2019.


The highlights in the banking sector in 2019

2019 witnessed low credit growth rate.

Vietnam banks thrive in 2019, profits exceed targets

2019 has been a good year for the banking sector. Most commercial banks performed well with profit results exceeding the targets set earlier in the year.

Small banks struggle to meet Basel II deadline

Capital difficulties are putting pressure on some banks struggling to meet the central bank’s Basel II deadline of early next year, but experts suggest the central bank should not delay the process.


The picture of Vietnam's banking sector in 2019

The BIDV’s sale of shares to South Korean investor, the technology upgrading race among banks and a series of moves taken by the central bank are the highlights of 2019.

VN banks' capital to remain weak after Basel II delay: Fitch Ratings

Fitch analysts were upbeat about continued strong economic growth in Vietnam, which makes near-term stress unlikely and underpins their stable outlook for the banking sector.

Vietnamese banks struggle to raise chartered capital

The time to apply standards in accordance with Basel II is nearing and commercial banks are rushing to raise chartered capital.

Vietnamese banks issue more international bonds this year

Commercial banks are issuing international bonds because they need foreign currencies to satisfy dollar capital demand.

Foreign and Vietnamese banks in hot race

With great advantages being held by foreign banks, Vietnamese banks find it difficult to compete.